Delivery has become easier - online express delivery service.

We timely deliver documentation, parcels, letters, and goods weighing up to 20 kg throughout Russia.

Low price
for shipping
Can be placed in an envelope
Can be placed in a front seat of car
Can be placed in a passenger car
Can be placed in a shopping bag

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Express delivery
Delivery to the address of the recipient.
Express delivery between pick-up points
Delivery between pick-up points within one or in different cities.

Express delivery of letters and cargo in Russia

Express.Delivery is the online express delivery service with the lowest price among federal operators.
Using Express.Delivery you can deliver letters and parcels in a short time throughout the Russian Federation in 1-3 days from the moment of receiving the parcel.

Approximate charges for letters delivery:
Moscow → St. Petersburg - 280 rub, 1 working day
Moscow → Samara - 380 rub, term 1-2 working day
Moscow → Novosibirsk - 480 rub, term 2-3 working day

Why is the price lower?

Low price is due to the reduction of financial components of our service, operator discounts, and lower planned profits.

20-50 %

Operator discounts * for shipments in Russia.

10 %

Our profit is 10%,
while the profit of others is 50%

Online tracking board that displays
up-to-the-minute information

Sender’s city Recipient’s city Tracking no Weight, kg Cost Sending date and time Recapteion date and time
Saint Petersburg Moscow ED005005104 0.5 300 P 29.09.2023 16:50 30.09.2023 00:00
Moscow Saint Petersburg ED005005103 0.5 400 P 29.09.2023 13:14 02.10.2023 00:00
Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg ED005005101 0.5 350 P 29.09.2023 11:53 02.10.2023 00:00
Moscow Saint Petersburg ED005005100 0.5 400 P 29.09.2023 10:57 02.10.2023 00:00
Saint Petersburg Стрельна ED005005099 0.5 350 P 29.09.2023 08:49 02.10.2023 00:00
Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg ED005005098 0.5 350 P * 29.09.2023 08:29 02.10.2023 00:00
Saint Petersburg Moscow ED005005097 5 995 P 28.09.2023 16:25 30.09.2023 00:00
Saint Petersburg Moscow ED005005096 0.5 300 P 28.09.2023 15:56 30.09.2023 00:00
Moscow Saint Petersburg ED005005095 0.5 400 P 28.09.2023 13:09 29.09.2023 00:00
Moscow Saint Petersburg ED005005094 0.5 400 P 28.09.2023 16:24 29.09.2023 00:00

* Paid with bonus points

Liability for failure to deliver on time

We take full responsibility for failure to deliver on time, and reimburse the client for losses (the percentage of compensation depends on the number of days overdue).

< 3 working days
10 %

we return 10% of the shipping cost

4-5 working days
15 %

we return 15% of the shipping cost

 > 6 working days
100 %

we return 100% of the shipping cost


1.Delivery process with service

You log in and place your order in your account.
The following data is required:

  • Sender address;
  • Sender's phone number;
  • Sender's contact person;
  • City and address of the recipient;
  • Recipient's phone number;
  • Recipient's contact person
  • Sending date;
  • Shipping weight.

If you choose to call the courier, the courier of our partner, one of the federal delivery operators, will pick up the parcel at the time you specified, or you can bring the parcel to the pick-up point of our partner yourself.

Fragile cargo (including glass, plastic items) is calculated + 50% of the charge.

You can print the waybill in your personal account.

Delivery is within the period stated in the waybill, it is also specified in the charges section.

2.Volume weight

Volume weight describes the density of the parcel, the less dense object occupies more space compared to the denser for the same weight. Our specialists determine the volume weight based on dimensions, i.e. the dimensions of the parcel. The volume weight is calculated according to the formula: Length[cm]*Width[cm]*Height[cm]/5000.  The cost of the service is formed on the basis of the larger of the weights, volume, or physical weight of the parcel.

3.How to pack a parcel

The courier will offer you different types of packaging,  also it is available at the pick-up points of our partners.  All supplies are free.

4.Parcel Insurance

Our service offers parcel insurance without confirmation of the declared value of up to 1,500 rubles and with confirmation of the declared value of up to 1,000,000 rubles upon provision of a copy of documents confirming the value.


Our service offers only online payment at the time of ordering on the website.

6. Tracking

Track the parcel by number in the field Tracking or in your personal account on


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